I'm Bradley Oesch, a Software Engineer at Indeed in Austin, TX.

I graduated from Georgia Tech Fall 2015 with a major in Computer Science (concentrations in Media and Information Internetworks) and a minor in Business & Computing through the Denning Technology & Management Program. At Indeed I work on the Job Search Mobile team, meaning I work on the code that helps you search for, view, and save jobs when on a browser on your phone or on the app.

I have interned at Indeed, Wayfair, Riskonnect, HKS Architects, and CBI Labs, and before that I was a barista at a Starbucks inside of a grocery store, which is like being a barista at a normal Starbucks but with less Nora Jones CDs.

I have extensive experience in full stack web development, working on applications with languages and technologies like Java, PHP, Python, React.js, Ruby on Rails, and SASS.

I also like to play soccer & ultimate frisbee, watch stand up & sitcoms, and write code.